- Simply Burgers Web Ordering FAQ -

Click on the “new user” button on the top right of the page. Fill in your personal data and click the “submit” button.

Once registered you may proceed and input your address. Click on “click here to add new delivery address”.
Name your location: Use a name useful to you like “home”, “office, etc.
Address: : Verify your address by typing your address in Greek characters and then select from the drop down menu.
Street number: Input your street number (including lettering, ie 11A).
Zip code: Input your zip code.
Name: Provide the name on the doorbell so we can locate you easier.
Phone: Input a valid phone number (10 digits).
Floor: Input the floor you are on (0 for ground floor, 1 for first floor etc.).
Comment: Input any comments you may have concerning your address, ie “entrance to the right”.
Click on the “verify” button and your location will show up on a map. If you agree with the location proceed and click the “add” button, if not click on the “back” button and input another address.

Yes, click on “click here to add a new delivery address” and follow the steps in # 2 above.

Go to the “Update Profile” section and choose “I would like to change my password”. Input your old password and your new password and then click the “Update” button.

Click on “update profile”, change desired data and click on the “update” button.

Click on “My orders” and a list of all your orders will appear. You can mark your favorite products by clicking on the heart. You can also customize the name of your favorite products. Your favorite products will appear on the bottom right of the “Main Menu” page.

Yes, click on the “order now” link and you will have the option to delivery to your desired address or pick up from a selected location.

Yes, in each product you have a wide selection of toppings, sauces, cooking preferences etc.

The minimum required amount for web ordering is 6,00 €.

Yes, before checking out select the “company invoice” button. There must be valid inoice data at your personal data in order to be used for the invoice!

Yes, by calling 18380. Changes and cancellation cannot be done via web ordering.

Yes, once you place your order you will be directed to an Order Status screen. Here you will see:

• Phase 1: “Order has been confirmed” will turn orange once your ordered has been confirmed with us.
• Phase 2: “Order has been prepared and dispatched” will turn orange when your order is on the way.
• Phase 3: “Order has been delivered to your address” will turn orange when the delivery driver returns to the store.

Feel free to provide feedback / comments concerning your order. In the text box provided fill in the desired comment and then press the “send” button. The Order Status screen is also available at the “My Orders” page and by clicking the “Click here to check status” link.

In the “Members Terms & Conditions” section located on the left of the central web page.

Once logged in, go to the “update profile” section and click on the “No, I prefer not to” on the bottom right. Click on the “update” button to finalize.